about syd

When I was 24, I asked, 'If You're real, I want to know You."  That night, alone in my room at midnight April 1991, Jesus changed my life forever!  Let me say right up front, if your heart is open to know truth, He will reveal Himself to you.  I know that seems simple, but that's what the simplewithsyd site is all about. 

My heart was opened to the truth that night, the truth of who He really is.  He came in like a flood, radically changing my life 
forever.  Now I see and hear the things that He has always wanted me to know.  And this is for you too!  

I am passionate about growing in the truth as He reveals it to me.  I'll take the upbeat, as well as the downtrodden, along this path if they so desire to walk in His ways too.  My relationship with Jesus is not about conforming to a set of rules, but because of His great love, there is a change happening 
from the inside out.  I want more than anything to 'hold fast the word of truth' by every avenue available to me.  I have been inspired to start this website to connect & talk with people just like you!

I cannot miss the opportunity to mention that I am married to the best man for me - he truly is amazing and amazes me daily.  Our life is full because God is at the forefront of all we hope to do.  

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